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Maldives is some small scattered islands in the Indian Ocean, comprising about 2,000 or more single islands, across Equator, having an average temperature of 31 Degree Celsius. Indeed, Maldives do represent in Common Wealth and in United Nation. It's a Democratic nation, holding a population width of about 310,000 people

There are some 14 international schedule flights including Sri Lankan Airways, Qatar airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Indian Airlines, Balkan, Bulgarian Airlines, LTU, Condor, AOM French, Austrian Airlines and Malaysian Airlines, with some of these airlines flying daily, weekly or twice a week. Another 14 companies offers regular charters, among them include Britannia Airways, Balair, Monarch Airlines, Lauda Air, Air Europe of Italy, Sterling Airways, Air Holland, South African Airways, Air Tours International connecting the Maldives to many centers of the world.
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Maldives is five hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

If you're looking for a few extra hours of sunshine then you should visit the Maldives between December and April, which is the dry season. This is the high season, however, and resorts can be fully booked and prices are higher than the rest of the year. The Christmas-New Year period is the busiest and most expensive part of the high season. Between May and November it's still warm, but the skies sometimes can be cloudy, humidity is higher and rain is less likely.

The most frequently used foreign currency is the US dollar and almost all items are priced in US dollar. All the resorts, hotels, liveaboards and most of the souvenir shops accept major credit cards, which includes American Express, Visa card and Master card.

Nobody is allowed to bring in liquor to Maldives, unless he or she has a special import license for liquor, beer and related products. If somebody has bought liquor and beer and related items on his/her way to Maldives from a duty free center, then products should be bonded in custom on their arrival to Maldives. And the goods will be released on their departure.Further nobody is allowed to bring in liquor, beer or related products to the Capital City/Island. Thus the Capital City Hotel's will not offer liquor, beer and related products.

Voltage in Maldives is 110 or 220 volts, depending on your location. An adapter is recommended for using appliances you bring with you. Most major hotels provide hair dryers and other amenities.

The Capital of the Maldives is Male' pronounced "Ma-ley". The population is about 70,000 and is home for almost one-forth of the total population of the country. This is the base for all the economic activities. The city also has a few places of historical interest.
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We have selected some of the best hotels offering high quality accommodation. Most of these hotels are only a few minutes walk from the jetty where all the ferry boats come from the airport.
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If you are coming to Maldives as a tourist you do not need a Visa. On arrival at the immigration counter you will be issued a 30 day tourist Visa. If you wish to stay more than 30 days you will have to fill a special application for the extension of your tourist visa and there would be an extension fee of around USD 58.37, this would be arranged on arrival with help of our Airport Rep

Almost all the Air line tickets are pre-confirmed however scheduled flights like, the Sri Lankan airlines, Indian Airlines requires passengers to confirm their tickets 72hours before flight. We recommend passengers traveling with those Airlines to handover their tickets to our Airport representative on Arrival. On behalf of you our representative will safeguard your tickets and reconfirm them in time. The tickets will be handed back to you at the airport on your departure day

Most the of the shops and souvenir shops on the capital island, Male' accept all major credit cards and traveler's checks but non of these shops can get you cash from your card. However HSBC Male' branch have an ATM machine for their local and international customers.

In Maldives 88 of the uninhabited islands have been developed as resort islands. Each island represent one resort. These island vary in size and shape. Some are only 50 meters wide and some 1Km in width. The number of rooms vary from 8 to 350. All rooms are built a few meters from the beach and they come in individual bungalows and room blocks of 2 to 10. Each resort presents a different type of rooms including rooms built built on concrete or wooden stilts in the lagoon.

Because most of the resorts are developed, emphasizing the conservation of the environment and keeping in mind the fragile eco-system surrounding these islands. Tourists have made these islands there second home.
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There are islands offering nothing but relaxing and comfort. Most of the resorts offer a variety of sports and water sports, which include volley ball, beach volley, snooker, billiard, table-tennis, badminton, football, squash, tennis, carom, swimming pool, etc. Available water sports include Wind surfing, wave surfing, catamaran, sailing, fishing, night fishing, big game fishing, Para-sailing, banana riding, jet-ski and finally most importantly every resort have fully operational scuba diving center.

Maldives is simply the ultimate in romance. Couples can immerse themselves in the incredible beauty of the islands and the casual, relaxed pace. With its mesmerizing sunsets and sweet aroma of flowers, Maldives radiates romance. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast brought to your overeater bungalow by canoe. Find a secluded islet for a private picnic. Arrange a traditional Maldivian wedding ceremony or renewal of vows. Spend a romantic evening dinner for two at your hotel. Or simply take a leisurely stroll along a secluded white sand beach and enjoy the most spectacular place on earth.

All the resorts have well equipped diving center providing basic diving course to advance diving course with help of multilingual diving instructors. Our diving resorts are among the resorts with best house reefs.
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Transfers are arranged with motor boat, speed boat and Sea plane. Most of the resorts located in Male' atoll are accessed by speed boat and resorts in other atolls, far from the airport offer speed boat and sea plane transfers. Speed boat jetty is only a 2 minute walk from the arrival terminal and to catch the sea plane guests will have a to take 5 minute bus ride to the other side of the airport island. Sea plane transfers are organized one day before arrival and departure, hence time of arrival & departure will be available for arrival clients on arrival and departure clients time will be advised on the evening of next day departure.

There are no night Transfers for some of the resorts far from Male' and resorts in Ari and other atolls. The guests arriving from evening flights will have to stay a night in one of the hotels in Male' or at the airport hotel. We will arrange first night if required.

A few resorts has been catering for family holidays and some also offer baby sitting service.
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Our Airport Representative will be at the Airport waiting for you on in front of arrival gate holding a singe board with your name on it. That way it's simple and easy to locate you. Our Airport Rep then will direct you with all necessary information of time and transfers.

The Maldives are a region that is perfectly suited for drift diving. In the Maldives, there are three categories of dives, the dives done inside the atolls, the dives done outside the atolls, the dives done inside the channels, or passes in this same order are generally classified the different levels of skill. Therefore, a diver shall have, diving from the shore, diving from a moored boat, drift diving.

Ocean water temperatures rarely vary beyond 27 - 30∞ C although thermo clines can sometimes be experienced at depths below 20 meters.

Lycra 3mm wetsuits are popular in tropical waters but some divers prefer a 5mm suit if doing more than one dive a day. The maximum depth is not to exceed 30 meters. Make all your dives no-decompression dives.

Taking a diving cruise is certainly the best way to experience the allure of this marvelous archipelago, since it also allows one to explore the most unspoiled sea-beds, which cannot be reached from the tourist villages. The boats used on these tours are comfortable wooden motor-yachts of at least twenty meters (about sixty-five feet) in length, with well- ventilated double cabins, toilets with showers, and plenty of living room. This hotel-boat, capable of accommodating no more than ten to twenty passengers, is followed by a support boat which-equipped with a compressor, tanks, and weights-makes it possible to do scuba diving in the safest and easiest way.
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The live-aboard are not limited to diving alone. These vessels can also be used just for leisure, study tours to the inhabited islands, fishing trips, surfing trips or just simple short snorkeling trips.

There are many tourist who prefer a twin holiday. Usually they spend their first week on a live-aboard diving or just relaxing and enjoying the sea and the second week at the resort.

Yes it's possible depend on the boat locations and on the time of booking.

During the years there has been a lot changes to the sizes, facilities and service provided by these vessel. There are vessels ranging from 17m in length for groups of 6 to vessel as large as 45 meters capable for groups of 20.

All the boats have their own schedules fixed for 7 days and 14 days trips. Weekly scheduled however if bookings are made for group charters, dates can be fixed upon request a month before. Most boats have scheduled Sunday to Sunday, Monday to Monday and Tuesday to Tuesday. We can also arrange clients arriving on other days to join the boat depend on the boat location by by speed boat or sea plane depending on the location.

Rates for Resort and liveaboards listed on this website is available on request, simply fill the booking form for liveaboards or Resorts. We will then send you full quotation of your holiday including transfer charges according to your request.

Reservation request can be made using the pre-booking form on our site or you can also request reservation by email and detail information of your request.

We can arrange tickets depend on your location, however we will not be able to arrange tickets through every Airline, as they do have exclusive ticketing agents. However if you require us to arrange your tickets we should be advised on or before a month.

A reservation can be cancelled only by email or fax. On the time of booking request will advice you the cancellation policy. If you cancel the booking according to the cancellation policy, booking will be cancelled as requested and any deposits paid in advance will be refunded accordingly.

Any amendments to a reservation should be informed by writing. We will try our best to make the changes for depending on the resorts own policy and on availability.

We will be happy to help you with last minute reservations. Just simply submit the booking form or send us an email to check availability. From thereon we can go head with the booking.

With the confirmation of your booking we will send you a full quotation of your holiday and payment instructions and dead line for payment. Our terms of payment are always bank transfer. for each transfer there will be a charge of USD 25, this amount will be included in our invoice.

We do accept cash on arrival for last minute booking, however we don't recommend handling of cash on arrival. But if clients prefer to have this option we would be more than happy to stand by.

Once your booking is confirmed we will send you a confirmation email to ensure the booking is confirmed. After receiving the payment/deposit will send you the vouchers by email or fax. The original vouchers will be handover to you on Arrival by one of our Representative.

Once your settle your invoice, there will be no more hidden charges.

We have special rates applicable only for tour operators and Travel agent. Please send us a request of Agent/Operator rates to

We offer discount rate for Travel Agent/Tour operator staffs.

If you are a Tour operator from any part of the world, send us email with your information to or by fax 00960 3336693 and we will contact you at the earliest possible.
info: Our Skype Id is: seenmaldives